At the start of every school year, we have a team meeting with all of Brady’s teachers and service providers, at his school (there are about twenty), to set expectations and for us to share best practices. This is Brady’s Sophomore year of High School. Since many of Brady’s new teachers had not met Brady before, I decided to open up the meeting with this dance video Brady made which his eleven-year-old brother, Bailey, filmed and edited. It was the perfect icebreaker to show them Brady’s true personality in case he’s a little shy at the beginning of the school year. It also showed them how creative he is, how much energy he can have, how smart he is to know all these moves, and it gives them all something to talk to him about on the first day of school – but mainly, he’s quite the dancer. (Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and credit to Bruno Mars).




About Chief Executive Housewife

Former Vice President of Marketing at major investment company. Currently retired, mother of three children. Living in Northern Westchester County, NY.

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