collinCollin Clark was out-of-shape and working behind the front desk at Bob’s Gym in Evansville, Indiana.  That’s when he made friends with a personal trainer preparing for a bodybuilding competition.

Clark started training and following a strict diet. He went from 37% body fat to 7.2%.  Now, he’s gained confidence and muscles. “I feel great. I’m so happy doing this. Body building’s in my blood. I’ve always wanted to do it ever since I was a kid,” he says.


Six months after he started training, he stepped on stage at Kentucky Muscle, a bodybuilding competition in Louisville, and won fifth place.

Clarke’s dramatic transformation is both physical and emotional. Training gave him confidence, independence, and a focus of purpose that flooded into other aspects of his life, says his mother Jodie Clarke.

Now, when he walks through the doors at Bob’s Gym, “I feel happy,” says Clarke. “It puts a smile on my face.” His new go-to slogan: “Never give up.”

And he wants to inspire others to live healthier, happier lives, too.

Shortly after his performance at Kentucky Muscle, Clarke started Collination, a non-profit organization that will provide exercise programs for people with special needs. He, also, continues to train for other body-building competitions. (Men’s Health)

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