Collette Divitto is a 26-year-old woman from Boston, with Down Syndrome, who has a passion for baking. She created her own cookie recipe that was so good, her family kept telling her she should sell it.  The encouragement came at the right time.  Collette had been searching for a job but couldn’t find one. “It’s very hard to find a paying job for people like me who have special needs.” It’s true — about 76% of people with disabilities are unemployed. So, she started baking cookies right in her own apartment, launched a website to start selling them, and with the help of the “Institute of Community Inclusion” she obtained funding to get started.

collette-7She named her business “Collettey’s Cookies”. Today, Divitto fills online delivery orders and has begun the process of obtaining an investor and getting her cookies into major food stores. And her dreams are becoming a reality — as of December 1, she has received orders for more than 25,000 cookies.

Her next mission is for her business to become big enough for her to be able to hire other individuals with disabilities. She wants to share her success with people like her — people with disabilities that have everything to offer.




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