angela-bachiller-enfemenino.com_In 2013 in Valladolid, Span, Angela became the first person with Down syndrome ever to be elected councilwoman. She worked for three years in Social Welfare and Family as an administrative assistant, and loves reading and traveling. She hopes to shine a light on the normalcy of life with Down syndrome and make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities.  This young woman who defines herself in an interview in the Spanish newspaper Publico as “friendly, positive, tenacious and stubborn,” is willing to work to give visibility and opportunities to other people with special needs.

Angela has always had the support of her parents. Her mother, Isabel Guerra, explains that her daughter has always lived quite normally. “She goes out with her friends, to play sports, to the movies, to have dinner, etc…” Bachiller started going to school at 1 year of age. Her parents knew that a good education was the most important asset for their girl´s future.  Actually, the first time her mother left the house after giving birth to Angela was to ask for vacancy in the same center where her sister, who is three years older, was studying. “We insisted much on education because we knew that without discipline and knowledge you are not going anywhere,” says Isabel.

Now, Bachiller is a woman like many others, even though she´s making history. She enjoys her Latin dance, English and music theory classes, and also plays the piano. Plus, the brand-new councilwoman loves reading, traveling, and says she never felt bullied at school.

With her appointment, the young councilwoman hopes to draw attention to other people with her same condition and give visibility and normalcy to their collective. The manager of the Down Association Spain, Augustine Matía, has declared to ABC newspaper that the appointment of Bachiller is positive news that represents the beginning of “the inclusion of people with disabilities to social participation, civil and political,” as well as serving “to break clichés.”

Although it will take time, it’s clear that individuals with Down syndrome are becoming more widely accepted and integrated into our world. We’re grateful for Angela Bachiller and those who’ve come before her to continue this progress worldwide.

VOXXI, August 14, 2013



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