Prior to moving to a school district that believed in inclusion, every CSE meeting we had for Brady was a fight to try to keep him out of a resource room. When Brady was in Kindergarten, I made a video to show the team of teachers and Special Ed administrators that Brady did have the capacity to learn and therefore should be allowed to be included, with support, in a classroom with his peers. After viewing the video below, I was told, “just because he can do those things at home, doesn’t mean he can do them in school.” They disregarded the video and eventually, after second grade, in order to have Brady learn in an inclusive environment, we ended up moving to the next town over, where the school district did believe in Brady’s abilities.

Brady has verbal apraxia so it was hard, at the age of six, for him to fully communicate how much he knew. I showed, in this video, that he did have beginning reading, math, and learning skills. It was unfortunate that that school district could not see his abilities beyond his disability. Unfortunately, there are still too many school districts that think this way.

This video also allows you to see his growth.  This is what he was able to do in Kindergarten. Now, in an inclusive learning environment, Brady is a freshman in high school and, with some modifications, is reading Macbeth in English class and doing Algebra in Math class.


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