I am awesome! I am very good at soccer. I kick the ball very fast and I make a lot of goals. I love to play basketball. I am very  good at dribbling the ball and shooting baskets. I am a good teammate. I just started fencing and I love it. I play ping pong at lunch with my friends. It is fun. I am also very good at swimming in the pool. I love swimming under the water with my goggles and with my family. We have our own pool outside.

I am very smart and I work very hard in school.  I just graduated Middle School. I am big now, so I am going to the High School in the fall. I think school is awesome.  I have a lot of friends and I like all my teachers. I always do well on my report cards. My work is modified to make it easier for me but I learn the same main things as all the other kids in my class.

ScarBradyOne day I would like to be an actor. Last year, I went behind-the-scenes of The Lion King on Broadway. I got to meet the actor that played Scar. You can see our picture here.  I want to play Scar on Broadway one day. I have been in the chorus in many of my school plays. I also did a project on “Big Foot” in Science class and I pretended I was “Big Foot”.

I love to sing and dance and act.  I practice a lot when I am at home. I like to sing along to Youtube videos of Broadway musicals. I need to keep practicing.

I also like to make people happy – like my family, my friends, and my teachers. My family thinks I am funny. I like to make jokes. My teachers always tell me how happy I make them. I even like to make my bus driver happy by singing on the bus in the morning on the way to school.

This summer I am a Councilor in Training at the pre-school camp in town.  I watch the little kids and play with them. I am older now so I can be helpful.

Anyone can be special. You just need to work hard and have a good attitude. You can be awesome, too – just like me!





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